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Video:Gradient Strokes in Illustrator

with Andrew Hyland

Gradient strokes are a great way to transform and customize your strokes with unlimited options. This video from will offer some instruction on getting started with gradient strokes in Illustrator.See Transcript

Transcript:Gradient Strokes in Illustrator

Hi, this is Andrew Hyland for, and this is gradient strokes in Illustrator.

Open New Document in Illustrator

The first thing we need to do when using gradient strokes in Illustrator is to make sure you have a blank document open. We will do this by going to the File menu, selecting New, and giving the document a name and some dimensions and selecting Okay, and you'll see what I have on my screen here.

Create Stroke With Paintbrush

Next, we need to create a simple stroke and I'll do this by using my Paintbrush tool or selecting B on the keyboard. After I have made my stroke on the screen, I need to select the stroke so I can apply a graphic style to it. I'll do that by using my Selection tool or V on the keyboard and clicking on the stroke I just created.

Open Gradient Panel

Now let's open up the Gradient Panel. We will do this by going to the Window menu at the top and selecting Gradient from it. You can also press command F9 on your keyboard to open up the Gradient Panel. When doing this, it will open up the Gradient Panel on your right hand side.

Customize Gradient Stroke

Now that you have your Gradient Panel open and your stroke selected, you can go ahead and customize the gradient in the panel by selecting a preset that comes with Illustrator. Inside this Gradient Panel you can customize your gradient all sorts of ways. You can change the color of your gradient, and you can change the type of gradient. You have unlimited options when it comes to changing the style and way that your gradient looks on your strokes in this panel.

And that is gradient strokes in Illustrator. Thanks for watching; to find out more, visit us on the web at

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