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Video:Elements Tutorial: Intro to Photoshop Elements

with Pelpina Trip

Adobe Photoshop Elements provides the most useful and basic tools found in Photoshop at a lower price. It's perfect for home photo editors and hobbyists. Watch this About.com tutorial video to see how it works.See Transcript

Transcript:Elements Tutorial: Intro to Photoshop Elements

Hi, I’m Pelpina Trip, here for About.com. If you like to edit pictures, but you’re not exactly a pro, starting off with Photoshop elements is perfect. In this video I’ll give you an intro to this Adobe program. Photoshop elements is the consumer version of the regular, professional, Photoshop. It’s about 1/6th of the original Photoshop price, so that’s nice, and you get many basic picture editing functions. 

Photoshop Elements: Interface

The basic set up is very similar: all the edit tools are here on the left, the main working area in the middle, and layers and other settings on the right.There are 2 main functions in Photoshop elements: the regular editor, which I’m in right now, or the organizer, which you can go to by clicking here. 

Photoshop Elements: Tools

Just like in the professional adobe Photoshop, you can easily create an image and edit it any way you want: resize or crop, change colors, add effects, add text, work with layers, and much more. If you are a hobbyist or amateur photographer, Photoshop Elements has all the main features of Photoshop that you’ll probably ever need. The learning curve is not as steep as for the professional Photoshop, and since Photoshop elements is really geared towards non-experts, you’ll also find very handy tools to easily fix up a photo. 

Photoshop Elements: Edit Modes and Organizer

In the edit mode, you have the options for a full, a quick, or a guided edit. If you’re looking for a very simple quick fix without too much trouble, the guided edit will guide you through it. For example, you can easily change the skin tone with just a simple click of your mouse. And the quick edit lets you change the lighting, color and sharpness of the photo. 

So, like I said before, besides from the regular editor, Photoshop Elements has another main function: the ogranizer. Just click on the organizer button right here, and you can import images, organize them by name or dat so they are easier to find later, and you can share the images you’ve edited on sites like Facebook and Flickr. 

So, very user-friendly tools as you can see. If you’re looking for more advanced options, such as recording custom actions, or ind-depth text formatting - you’ll have to go with the professional Photoshop, since those are not part of Photoshop Elements.  

There you go, a quick overview of Photoshop Elements. If you need help or want to know more about Photoshop Elements or any other graphics program, visit us at compute.about.com Thanks for watching!

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