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Video:Elements Tutorial: How to Whiten Teeth

with Kendal Sinn

Whiten teeth in Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 with a few editing techniques and tools. In this tutorial video from About.com learn how a subtle and precise changes can make a smile really shine by whitening teeth.See Transcript

Transcript:Elements Tutorial: How to Whiten Teeth

Hi, this is Kendal for About.com.  And today we are going talk about how to whiten teeth in your photography using Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.

Select the Teeth in the Photo

The first thing you want to do is select the photograph where you want the teeth whitened and you’re going to zoom in.  Get in as close as you can and then go over to your magnetic Lasso Tool.  Select that and then just start clicking.  You just click and then you just start to trace around.  You see how it just grabs onto the area , it kind of smartly knows what you want it to do.

Adjust the Teeth Color Slightly

Now go up to layer, new adjustment layer, and let’s go to hue and saturation.  Click on that, and you can title it whatever you want.  And now come over to your saturation.  And then just pull it down a little ways.   This is going to take some of the color out of the teeth, If you want to lighten it a little bit, come down here to lightness and just bring it up just a little bit.

Now one word of warning is, don’t over do it, don’t go too far.  You don’t want your photo to look unnatural.

Whiten Teeth with the Dodge Tool

Let’s look at another way of doing it.  Let’s look at another photo. Let’s go over here to your dodge tool.  Here we have our sponge, dodge and burn tool, but we want to use the dodge.  We’re going to go to midtones and  we’re just going to kind of lighten these up just a little bit.   This is a much more subtle way of doing it and you can get in there and really get precise.

Whitening Teeth with Layers

The benefit of doing it the other way is that you always have that layer to take on or take off.   So say that is really just way to white, just click that off.  Now you’re back to your warm hues that you had. You can further adjust this at any time.

Just go in a double click on it and you can say that that’s way to white , so you can add just a little more saturation, and then just bring down the lightness just a little bit.  Now it looks much more natural.

And that is how you get pearly white teeth. For more information about Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, be sure to check us out on the web at About.com.

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