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Video:Elements Tutorial: How to Use the Curves Tool

with Kendal Sinn

The curves tool in Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 will help adjust the lighting and shadows in digital images. In this tutorial video from About.com learn how the curves tool and presets to refine your photos.See Transcript

Transcript:Elements Tutorial: How to Use the Curves Tool

Hi this is Kendal for About.com and today we are going to talk about working with our curves tool in Adobe Photoshop Elements 10. A great little program and this is a real easy thing to do.

Adjust Shadows in Images with the Curves Tool

So right here we have a picture of a dog.  The sun is over here which is providing a shadow on this side of his face, this is simply because the sun cannot be in two places at one time.  So whereas we have this nice glow over here, we have a little shadow over here.  So let’s try to fix that by going up to enhance, adjust color, adjust color curves.  It pops up a nice little window.

Modify the Photoshop Presets

Over here, Adobe has been nice enough to provide us with presets, which is always nice to have. Lighten shadows, that’s what we want to do with this, so click on it, and there you go.  Automatically it has brought in more exposure and more detail to this side of his face.  It has leveled it out. 

Now the software giveth and the software taketh away.  Look at the vibrancy in his coat over here compared to over there.  Because this has flattened the image, and exposed this more.  So what you can do it you can go to default and you can adjust the shadows.  So you want to bring up the color just a little bit.  Adjust these sliders to where you’re the happiest with it.  So just keep playing with these until you get to where you like it.

And when you are done, click okay.  Go up here to file, save as,  it will pop up a window and you can save it in any format that you would like. If you need any more information about Adobe Photoshop elements 10, be sure to check us out on the web, at compute.about.com.

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