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Video:Elements Tutorial: How to Use Text

with Pelpina Trip

Photoshop Elements contains plenty of tools for adding text to images in many different styles. In this tutorial video from About.com you'll see several methods for using text in Adobe Photoshop Elements.See Transcript

Transcript:Elements Tutorial: How to Use Text

Hi, I’m Pelpina Trip, here for About.com. In this video, I’ll show you how to use text, and I’ll go over the different options within the Elements type tool. 

Photoshop Elements Type Tool

When you’re in full edit mode, you’ll find the type tool on the left hand side, a button with the letter T on it. Just click on it, and you’ll see 7 different options. The first two options, the horizontal type tool and the vertical type tool, let you create very basic texts. Just click on either option, go to the spot in your image where you’d like to add text, and click again. Now, you can add any text you want to - like this.

Customizing the Text

When you’ve added the right words, you also have several options for your text. you can change the type of font you want to use (and its style),  the size of the font, and the color. This anti-alias button can charpen the edge of your text. It’s especially useful when you’re trying to really blow up a small font, and you want to make sure the edges are sharp.

When you’re happy with your text, just click the green check mark. If you want to add any changes after you’ve created the text, just click the layer that was created when you made the text. Select the text tool and double click the text to make any changes to the text, or select the move tool and click on the text to move it around.  

Type Mask Tools for Text

The horizontal and vertical Type Mask Tools let you create text from a photograph or other work of art. Just select the type mask tool, enter text, hit the check mark, and press control J. The text will appear on a new layer, and it’s no longer a color, but made from the photograph itself! 

Text on a Path in Photoshop Elements

The lower three text options, let you create text and have it conform to a certain way or path. With the text of selection tool, you can generate a selection in your picture, just by clicking and dragging, and hitting the check mark. Then, when you move closely to the solid line, your cursor will change to a text cursor - with a small curved path - just click, and you can enter your text along the line. 

The text on shape tool lets you do a similar thing. Just select the shape you prefer right here in the left hand corner, then draw the shape: and that is your path. Just hover over it to find your text cursor, and start typing. 

The final option you have is text on a custom path. For this one, you can draw your one path, free hand, using this pen tool. When you like your path, hit the green check mark. Then, just like before, hover over the path to find your text cursor, and start typing.  Remember, all the text you create becomes a fully-editable separate layer. So any changes you want to make later on are possible! 

For more tips on using Adobe Photoshop Elements, check out compute.about.com. Thanks for watching!

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