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Video:Elements Tutorial: How to Create Collages

with Kendal Sinn

Using the collage in Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 can give you scrapbook feel with your digital images. Watch this video tutorial for a step-by-step guide to making a collage in with Photoshop Elements.See Transcript

Transcript:Elements Tutorial: How to Create Collages

Hi this is Kendal for About.com and today we’re going to be making a collage using Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.

Apply a Collage Template in Photoshop Elements

First thing you will do is go over to your organizer, click on it, and here we have our photos, so click on the first one.  I’m going to use all of the photos in my little collection here, so go down to your last photo and shift Left Click that will select them. Now click on your create tab, and click on photo collage.  And this is going to give you a template.  Depending on what size you want, go ahead and select it and click okay. 

Customize the Size and Formation of the Photos You Choose

Now we can do all kinds of fun things with this.  Grab onto a handle here and let’s say we want to make this bigger.  Now double click it again, this is going to bring up a slider.  This can make the picture smaller inside of the frame.  So go ahead and pull that down.  That’s about where we want it.  Now go on to the rotate handle and then just slide this around, as it is a horizontal picture in a vertical frame.

I want to rotate that so that he’s not facing down.  So go ahead and rotate that.  Go ahead and put that wherever you think you might like that for the time being.  Now let’s say we want to take this photo and we want to bring it to the front. Go ahead and right click that and just click bring to front.  So go ahead and bring that to the center and we want to bring that down a bit.  Go ahead and click okay.  We’ll move this to where we want it.

Add Clip Art to the Collage

Now, you’re going to want to go to our create tab.  Now we are going to go up here to different art and different styles that we can put into our collage.  We can put in different textures, you can change the size of our frames,  you have numerous options in here.  You scroll all the way down and this is a neat thing! You can do clip art!  So let’s say take this flower and we’re going to bring it over here and that’s a little small, so let’s go ahead and size that up a bit.  Go ahead and grab onto your handle and we’re going to pull this over.  You can pretty much populate the entire collage with these, put them in the front, put them in the back, however you like.

Save the Collage

Now we have our collage kind of the way we like it, so go ahead and click done.  It’s going to ask you to save and there you go, click save. You can save it as a jpeg, a psd or a pict file and go ahead and save it and there you go, there’s your collage.  

I hope that this has been information for you, and for more information about things in Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 check us out on the web at compute.about.com.

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