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Video:Basic Drawing in Illustrator

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Drawing in Adobe Illustrator is an essential skill for a graphic designer, but it can be a little daunting at first. Learn some quick tips and experiment with your own projects next.See Transcript

Transcript:Basic Drawing in Illustrator

In Adobe Illustrator, many objects can be created by starting with basic shapes and then editing them to create new shapes. 

Getting Started

Start by making a new document. Click File New set the unit to inches and then set the width to 12 and height to 12, name it and click OK.

On the Tools Panel click and hold the Rectangle Tool, a list of shape tools will open.  Start with the Star tool.  On your control panel, change the stroke width to 6 points.  A stroke is the outline.  Select a color for your stroke.  The fill controls the color inside the object.

Click once on the artboard and an option will pop up. Enter 5 and click Ok. It will draw a star. Now do the same thing this time enter 12 into the field you will get a star burst shape.

Let's Draw a Heart

Now lets draw a heart, go to the control panel, select no fill, select black for stroke and for the stroke width select 1 point.  Now select the Ellipse Tool and hold Shift to drag out a perfect circle.  Draw another one right next to it.

Now use the selection tool and move the circles next to each other, lining them up so they are touching. Now go to the direct selection tool, which selects a single anchor point instead of the whole shape.  This is used for editing anchor points of a shape. 

Select the bottom anchor point of one of the circles and click delete on your keyboard.  You now have a half circle, do the same to the other circle.  Now select the Pen tool, line up right below the left side of the circle, click hold and drag down then release. Now do the same however lower to the center keeping that line straight and release. You will notice the curve line you have. 

Copy and paste it then go to menu bar under object > transform select reflect. Now align with the selection tool the two shapes you created with each half circle you may want to zoom in when you get them close enough then draw a bounding box around two anchor points so they are both selected Right click on the anchor points (hold control down on a mac if you don’t have a two button mouse) select join.  Do this for every section of the heart shape where you have a break. 

Finishing Touches

Now if you need to make any adjustments do so with the direct selection tool.  Let’s fill the heart with the color red. Use the selection tool to select the shape and go to control panel and select red for a fill color.

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