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Video:5 Best Golf GPS Units

with Nick Jaynes

Want to learn about the best golf GPS units on the market? Here, see helpful information about golf GPS units before you purchase one.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Best Golf GPS Units

Hi I'm Nick Jaynes for About.Com and this is "5 best golf GPS units." I'll be using information from the GPS guide site on

Information About the Best Golf GPS Units

Callaway uPro MX Golf GPS- $208 - $217. It features a high-resolution touch screen, and is a very slim GPS. One major plus is the 25,000-course database that is free to download and update. Its "anypoint" feature allows you measure to any point, anywhere on the hole, which is nice if you slice one off the fairway. Use Hazardview to stay in play. It shows you distances to the hazards, as well as the type and shape. You can also easily upload your score to Callaway's website so you can keep track of your progress.

The Garmin Approach G3. Rated very high amount consumers, this waterproof touchscreen GPS delivers. It measures your precise distance to bunkers, hazards, and backs of greens. You won't need to pay the caddy anymore if you have a Garmin Approach G3. The best feature is that the pre-loaded 12,000 courses are free, and there are no annual fees. It retails for around $270.00

More Options for Golf GPS Units

Sonocaddie V300 Golf GPS - $249- $320. The distinguishing feature on the Sonocaddie is its 3D color display. It tracks your actual position on the course in real time, and it will measure your shot distance. It also gives you distance to the front, back and center of the greens. You can review your shots later since it tracks every shot you take. It holds 20 courses at a time, but you have to pay for a membership to download more. It includes a belt clip, USB cable and carrying case.

SkyCaddie SGX Golf GPS. Retails for $349 - $359. It is skycaddie's top of the line model with a slimmer shape. It offers a thumbstick for navigation, below the touchscreen. It offers a 26,000 course database, but you need membership plans to access them. They range from 29.95 to 59.95 per year if you want global access. It also offers distances to hazards, and intelligreen pro, to show you the contours of the greens to help your short game.

The Garmin Approach G5. Retails for 349.99. It is one of Garmin's best models. It is a rugged, waterproof, touch screen GPS that will definitely improve your game. It displays your exact position, and updates as you move. There are no subscription or setup fees, which is very nice. It also has tree line coverage for most courses, to help you find the fairway and stay out of the woods. It knows you don't golf alone, and has a digital scorecard for foursomes, which other GPS devices do not have.

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