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Video:Must-See Attractions in Las Vegas

with Jade Broadus

Las Vegas is filled with bright lights and excitement, but where are the must-see iconic attractions that will really fulfill a Las Vegas vacation. Watch this travel video to find out.See Transcript

Transcript:Must-See Attractions in Las Vegas

Hey, I’m Jade Broadus, an around the world travel blogger with  Today with, I’m going to show you the must see sites in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is so much more than gambling, it’s a world class entertainment destination with sights that are unrivaled in the world.

The Las Vegas Sign

One of the first sights everyone should visit is the iconic Las Vegas sign. Erected in 1959 and today is on the National Register for Historic Places. The best place for pictures is directly in front of the sign, even when it’s crowded people take turns so that everyone can get their best shot.

City Center Las Vegas

City Center Las Vegas is not only the largest complex on the strip, it’s also the largest privately owned development in the US. With 4 hotels, 1 residence tower, and a world class mall, this is a one stop shop for every Vegas palate. The most tourist friendly spot is 23 floors up in the Mandarin’s sky lobby which offers amazing views of the strip for free.

New York in Las Vegas

Don’t spend all your time gawking, interact with some of the themes by riding the roller coaster at New York, New York. I can tell you from experience this double loop coaster is thrilling.

Cirque Du Soleil Shows

The most astounding feats you’ll see in Vegas are found at Cirque Du Soleil shows. From music to acrobatics, these shows have it all. My recommendation, O at the Bellagio, this water themed show is stunning.

Las Vegas's Bellagio Fountain

Night time brings out Las Vegas’ iconic neon lights and even more to see.

No one visiting Las Vegas should miss the Bellagio’s fountain show, which blasts off every 30 minutes in the afternoon and every 15 minutes from 8pm til midnight. For the best pictures, arrive at dusk to be able to shoot without the need for flash.

Freemont Street

Freemont Street located in downtown Las Vegas is home to many of the original hotels. What was called Glitter Glutch due to all the neon lights is now covered by a 4 block long, barrel vault canopy. Several times a night the casinos will shut off their signs for the light and sound show that plays across the screen.

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