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Video:Las Vegas Night Clubs

with Michele Jaco

Las Vegas is known for its night clubs and party atmosphere. Watch this to learn about some of the best Las Vegas has to offer after the sun sets.See Transcript

Transcript:Las Vegas Night Clubs

When the sun goes down over the hot Las Vegas desert, it's time to party and no place on earth does it better than Vegas.

Great Las Vegas Night Clubs

Here are a few of my favorite clubs. First, XS at the Encore. Steve Wynn created one of the most amazing clubs in Vegas with this 100 million dollar spectacle. No expense was spared. The club has 13,000 square feet of indoor space that opens to 27,000 square feet of pool area with 26 cabanas with an intimate atmosphere.

The dance floor is almost 1,100-square feet and the VIP booths that surround the floor are are made with gold-embossed crocodile skin. Nearly 8,000 people enjoy XS each night and its top 40, hip-hop, and '80s music– so it's very hard to get in unless you're willing to spring for bottle service or you know someone. Cover is $30 for men and $20 for women and XS opens around 10PM.

More Fun Las Vegas Night Clubs

Right next door is my second choice, TRYST at the Wynn. This club is a bit smaller than XS, but every much as opulent. The first thing you'll notice is the giant waterfall that sets the stage for some amazing dancing, drinking and adult fun. Where else can you find a dance floor playing the top 40, hip-hop and '80s music next to a lake and a waterfall? Only at TRYST. Cover is $30 for men and $20 for women and TRYST opens around 10PM.

Other Las Vegas Night Clubs

Finally PURE at Caesar's Palace. This 36,000 square foot club is really three venues in one, each featuring its own DJ, sound system and sexy style playing - house, hip-hop and rock. It has an amazing view of the strip from its outdoor patio and it's one of the most beautiful clubs anywhere. Cover is $40 and bottle service is available from $375. PURE opens around 10PM.

And those are three of my favorite clubs in Las Vegas.

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