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Video:Make Gourmet Chocolate Truffle Gift Boxes

with Alyssa Kramer

Chocolate truffles are a great gift to give, and they're even better when they come in a beautiful decorative box. Here are instructions for making your own chocolate truffle boxes.See Transcript

Transcript:Make Gourmet Chocolate Truffle Gift Boxes

Alyssa Kramer here for Today we will be learning how to make fancy truffle boxes.

Chocolate Truffle Box Materials

For this project, you will need:
  • Two box patterns, also called templates
  • One sheet of acetate paper
  • Two pieces of card stock
  • Four truffles
You can find your box template online simply by searching "Box Templates" on Google. You will also need:
  • Spray adhesive
  • Cutting mat
  • Scissors
  • Razor blade
  • Ruler or straight edge
  • Super glue

Use Pattern to Create Chocolate Truffle Box

Once you have found and printed your pattern, cut off the excess paper. For this step you may wish to use a mat to shield your table, then spray your card stock and quickly pace your pattern. And then let dry for five minutes. Cut your pattern along the solid black lines. Take care not to cut the tabs or any of the dashed folding lines.

Fold and Glue Box Together

Once your pattern is cut, score the dashed lines. Scoring is using a razor blade to lightly cut the dense layer of card stock you wish to fold without leaving any harsh or unflattering creases. Remember to do so lightly, enough so that the razor will not cut all the way through your card stock. Once scored, fold your box along the dashed lines. Next, adhere the tabs to the sides with super glue. You will want to apply pressure and hold each tab for 20 seconds. And then wait 5 minutes. Finally, place the truffle inside and assemble the top of your box. The final product would look something like this.

Make Box That Lets You See Chocolate Truffles

By using the same steps with a different template, you can create a variety of boxes. For the next box we will be making a die-cut, or cutting a shape out of a box so that you can see through it. Once you have reached step three, you may choose any shape to cut out of the top of your box. Here we have used a rectangle. Cut along the edge with a razor blade. You may wish to use a ruler or straight edge to cut exactly on the lines. Remember to press firmly to cut all the way through your card stock. And then pop out the shape. To keep your truffle from the open air, cut out a piece of acetate paper and glue it to what will be the inside of your box. Then proceed with steps four through seven as before.

Create Chocolate Truffle ID Tag

Next, for the truffle ID tag. Create a label in a typing program and print it out. Cut out the shape you want. Use the spray adhesive and adhere it to your desired card stock. Cut off the excess card stock. Punch a hole through the ID tag and the box, and then thread the ribbon through it, securing it with a knot. Or you may choose to punch a hole in the ID tag alone and thread the ribbon though that- and tie it to the box.

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