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Video:Make Gourmet Chocolate Gift Box

with Bonnie Zaiss

Homemade candy is a sweet treat on Valentine's Day or a special occasion. See how to make a simple gift box for your chocolates.See Transcript

Transcript:Make Gourmet Chocolate Gift Box

Hi, I’m Bonnie Zaiss for Dress up your favorite gourmet candy with a homemade chocolate box. Here are a couple of great designs.

Gift Box 1: Homemade Gift Box

Find some two-sided, pretty patterned card stock. These sheets are 12 by 12 inches. Start off by cutting two sheets of card stock, 6 by 6 inches. One sheet will be the top of the box the other will be the bottom. Trim another 1/16 to 1/8” around the bottom sheet so you’ll have a nice snug fit when the two pieces are put together. On both sheets, measure in one inch all the way around. Then score all four sides using a score tool or a sturdy plastic knife will do. Trim each corner in towards the center of the box in the same direction all the way around to form flaps. Use a glue stick on the flaps, and fold scored sides up to form the sides of the box. Do the same with the second sheet. And there you go. You’ve created a personalized candy box.

Gift Box 2: DIY Pillow Box for Chocolates

The next design is a pillow gift box. Take a sheet of two-sided, patterned card stock and cut it to 6 by 6 inches. Measure in ¼” and score it using a score tool or hard plastic knife. Fold the flap inward and use a glue stick on the flap from top to bottom. Fold the sheet in half to create a rectangle and press firmly. A CD is a great measuring tool for this project. Line it up at the center top of the rectangle. Trace the CD then trim to create curved corners at both ends. Now turn the CD around and score a curved shape that meets the corners of the trimmed corners – creating an almond shape - on all four sides to create the pocket. Gently push in the scored curves to create the pocket. Now you’re ready to fill your boxes. Your local craft shop or gourmet food store will have a variety of paper candy cup holders. The rectangular box will hold seven small candies or 4 large candies.

If you’re filling your pillow gift box with unwrapped candy wrap them up in plastic wrap and gently slide them into the pocket. Or if you have wrapped candy gather them into this fun mesh bag and slide it into the pocket. Then tie a ribbon across the width of the pocket to keep it all together. Finish off your gift box with a beautiful ID label. Use some left over stock paper, this one is 2x2 inches, and create a lovely label or note either handwritten or use a word processing program. Glue stick them together then punch a hole in the corner and tie a color-coordinated ribbon to the label. Use two-sided tape to adhere the ID to the box.

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