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Video:Wildlife of Texas Beaches

with Gina Miller

Texas beaches are full of all kinds of wildlife, from sea animals to birds. This video from About.com will show you just a few of the animals you might encounter on Texas beaches.See Transcript

Transcript:Wildlife of Texas Beaches

Hello, I'm Gina Miller with About.com and today we'll explore wildlife on Texas beaches.

The Texas coast with its 367 miles of gulf shoreline has always been a great wildlife viewing area. Here you can watch everything from sea turtles to wild deer.

View Whooping Cranes in Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

One of my favorite places to view beach wildlife is Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.

Located on San Antonio Bay, this is a whooping crane stronghold due to the tidal marshes that stretch across the refuge like a big green blanket.

Winters are usually mild, resulting in a wide variety of wildlife and there's plenty of elevated platforms for viewing.

Avoid Alligators

Not only is the refuge a great place for bird watching, it's also great for fishing and hiking. However you do need to be aware of some dangers such as alligators which lurk in the warm marsh waters.

Here's a great tip: if you encounter an alligator, simply turn around on the trail and quietly exit exactly the same way to entered.

Other Places in Texas to Spot Wildlife

Another great place to view wildlife is Padre Island. Large sand dunes created by the wind are home to birds and turtles.

Now if you're not the outdoors type, you can always visit the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi. And if you'd like a view of the beach from the water there's always a great charter from the Corpus Christi marina.

And those are just a few places to enjoy the wildlife of Texas beaches.

Thank you for watching and for more information visit us online at About.com.

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