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Video:Water of Texas Beaches

with Gina Miller

The water of Texas beaches is different from beach to beach. Watch this video from About.com to learn all about the various waters and how they are unique to Texas.See Transcript

Transcript:Water of Texas Beaches

Hello I'm Gina Miller and today for About.com I am going to give a short overview of the water of Texas beaches.

General Information About the Water of Texas Beaches

The water at a Texas Beach is different in color, temperature and plant life than most any other beach in the World.

Color of Water at Texas Beaches

First let's discuss color. The sea floor is usually soft, flat and sandy. For instance in Galveston, TX, where the waves are calm, the watercolor is sometimes brownish due to the Coriolis effect, which causes water flowing from the Mississippi River to go westward when it flows into the Gulf of Mexico. As you travel south, down The Texas Gulf coastline, the water becomes more clear and green in color.

One color you may encounter on a Texas Beach is Red or Red Tide. This is caused by high concentrations of microscopic marine algae. The result is usually lots of dead fish and it could be dangerous for humans as well.

Water Temperature at Texas Beaches

Next let's discuss water temperature beginning in Galveston. There the water is warm most of the year, with an average temperature of 82 degrees in the Summer months. Temperatures as you travel south can rise to nearly 86 degrees in the warmest months with a low of around 63 degrees.

Plant Life at Texas Beaches

Now how about plant life. An annual phenomenon, that is a big plus for the Waters of Texas beaches, is seaweed, which protects and provides a home for sea creatures and it's an essential key to preventing coastal erosion.

The seaweed usually arrives May through August. Almost all Texas Beaches have cleaning crews that maintain beach front areas by removing trash and debris from the seaweed.

Water Quality at Texas Beaches

What about water quality? The Natural Resources Defense Council, found water quality at Texas public beaches to have improved significantly in recent years, but they still rank 17th out of 30 states. The Texas beaches with the best water quality are located in South Padre Island and Port Aransas Beaches in South Texas, and in Galveston the quality is rated as good and has remained the same or improved in the last years.

For the most part all the Waters at Texas Beaches are warm, calm, clean, safe and all types of water sports are enjoyed from late April till late September.

I hope you've enjoyed learning more about the Water at Texas beaches.

Thank you for watching and for more information visit us online at About.com.

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