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Video:Top Things to Do with Kids in Austin

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Austin is a great city to bring kids to. This video will go over some great activities for kids in Austin.See Transcript

Transcript:Top Things to Do with Kids in Austin

Hi, I'm Pelpina Trip. I'm in Austin, for, to show you the top things to do with kids in Austin!

Austin With Kids: Austin Children's Museum

Right now, I'm at the Austin Children's Museum, THE place to take the kids while visiting the city. The Children's Museum is located in the heart of Austin. It's perfect for children of all ages and houses a ton of hands-on learning experiences like: a craft room, a tree house, a pretend kitchen, and even a special playing area for babies and toddlers. The Children's Museum is a great way for young kids to spend a morning or afternoon indoors, while learning new things!

Austin With Kids: Texas State Capitol

Older kids might enjoy learning about the history and politics of Texas by taking a visit to the Capitol in downtown Austin. It's a beautiful building, surrounded by more than a dozen monuments and historic buildings. When the weather is nice, the 22 acres of beautifully landscaped lawns are perfect for a family stroll. Inside the Capitol Visitors Center, kids can learn about Texas history and politics. The building houses a number of displays, showing the history of Texas and the story of the Capitol building itself.  

Austin With Kids: Zilker Park

There is also plenty to do for kids outdoors in Austin. Bring a visit to Zilker Park, fly a kite, ride the train, enjoy the lake -- and play on the playgrounds. There's plenty to do. While you're there, also visit Barton Springs Pool, a very beautiful and popular place for families. 

Austin With Kids: Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary

Or visit the Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary. It's a private, non-profit zoo - and kids will love to see all the rescued animals that live here. There are more than 300 different animals, including African lions and North American black bears. The zoo also lets kids feed animals such as sheep, goats and llamas. Perfect for a day out with the family! 

As you can see, there are plenty things to do with kids in Austin. For more on this city and Texas, visit Thanks for watching!

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