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Video:Tips for Visiting Nudist Beaches in Spain

with Milo De Prieto

Nudist beaches in Spain are a popular destination, and can be enjoyable if you follow proper etiquette. Here are some tips on visiting nudist beaches in Spain.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Visiting Nudist Beaches in Spain

Hola, I'm Milo for and today we're talking about the etiquette for nudist beaches in Spain.

Where to Find Nudist Beaches in Spain

For foreigners traveling in Spain, the etiquette might be a little confusing. For instance, Barcelona used to allow nudity anywhere, however a law was just passed outlawing going shirtless or only wearing swimsuits anywhere but on the beaches.

In Barcelona there is an official nude beach that is easy to get to, and an unofficial one that is also right in the city. Toplessness for women is allowed on all beaches. Sitges, nearby, has an easy one to get to, but many of the other ones require long walks or a car.

Etiquette Tips for Nudist Beaches in Spain

The etiquette simply is to wear street clothes to the beach area, then disrobe in the sand as you settle in. You do not have to be fully naked if you do not wish. And children are usually allowed.

Also, use protection. Everyone thinks they do not burn. You do in Spain. If you are going to spend even a couple hours in the sun, be prepared. In the height of summer even SPF 20 is not enough. Pharmacies here stock all kinds of very good brands and you can also find good after-sun products as well. Make sure to drink lots of water as you do not realize how dehydrated you’ll become.

Certain public displays of affection are completely normal and fine, but there is a line as anywhere. Behave as you would if you were clothed. Most people go to nudist beaches for the sun and to relax and everyone is respectful of others as on any other beach.

The best clue is to look around you and see what others are doing. Not all nudist beaches are clearly marked. For more information, check us out at

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