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Video:Paris' Best Chocolate Shops

with Courtney Traub

Whether you're looking for the perfect French souvenir or just love chocolate, a trip to any of these fine chocolate shops in Paris will guarantee a pleasant purchase.See Transcript

Transcript:Paris' Best Chocolate Shops

Hi, I'm Courtney Traub your guide to Paris for I'm going to be telling you about a few of Paris' best chocolate shops today. So get ready for some tempting images.

Patrick Roger's Chocolates in Paris

One of Paris' most talented and inventive chocolatiers is Patrick Roger, an independent artisan who has several boutiques around the city. Here, at the shop in the historic district you'll find dozens of variety of mostly hand crafted chocolate. From smooth ganache with surprising notes like lemon and basil, ginger or oatmeal, to nutty roche, truffles, bars of solid chocolate to highly imaginative chocolate sculptures from himself.

Roger's shop window are always adorned with these offbeat creations, especially during holidays like Easter. I visited Patrick Roger at his workshop south of Paris in the town, where a team of artisans work to formulate new flavors, produce all of the chocolate currently on the menu, and help build the sculptures. While I was there I sampled a salted butter caramel ganache, straight from the tray and watched the artisans work to create a new chocolate with notes of Guinness beer. Roger showed me some of the sculptures in progress for upcoming window displays. Among these are giant polar bears and elephants made entirely of chocolate.

Jean Paul Hevin Chocolates in Paris

Another renowned artisan of chocolate is Jean Paul Hevin whose boutique in the heart of one of Paris' major fashion districts oozes with temptations. Here at the boutique high grade solid chocolate bars and beautiful chocolate pastries lie in the counter in addition to a large collection ganache and whimsical chocolate sculptures – like this couture stiletto heel, which was molded from a real shoe.

Michel Cluizel Chocolate in Paris

Down the street from Jean Paul Hevin you'll find the boutique of another big name in French cocoa. One of the rare chocolate makers to process his own cocoa beans Michel Cluizel is especially renowned for his dark and milk bars and nutty creations can be found at several point around Paris including the Lafayette Gourmet Shop at the Lafayatte Department Store.

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