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Video:Im Feeling Lucky Google Button video

with Dimitri Labarge

Learning how to use the I'm Feeling Lucky Google button can be a fun and helpful way to search. Here, see step-by-step instructions for using the I'm Feeling Lucky Google button.See Transcript

Transcript:Im Feeling Lucky Google Button video

Pretty much everyone already knows the main way you search for something using the Google website.

Why Use the I'm Feeling Lucky Google Button

When you arrive at the homepage, you have a big blank text entry box - you put in your search term, and Google returns a long list of search results.If you're not interested in scanning a long list of results, though, they've provided a great alternative way for you to search - assuming you just want to trust that Google knows where you want to go. It's called I'm Feeling Lucky. And yes, that probably comes from the classic Dirty Harry moment when Clint Eastwood asks: Do you feel lucky, punk?

What Is the I'm Feeling Lucky Google Button?

Now, before we get started, we need to change a setting. Google recently introduced Google Instant, which brings up search results without having to hit any search button. However, this pre-empts being able to hit the I'm Feeling Lucky button on the home page.Y ou can get around that by turning off Google Instant. There are two ways. You can turn it off in your preferences page, or you can turn it off on the search results page.Okay. Google Instant is turned off.

Steps for Using the I'm Feeling Lucky Google Button

Now the first thing you're going to do after you arrive at www.google.com is find the button marked I'm Feeling Lucky. It's right under the main search box, and by the button that says Google Search. In the regular search box, type in whatever term you like. I'm typing in: Are you ready? Press that button. Congratulations. You're being redirected to the first site that comes up in Google's search results. Hopefully, you now feel lucky! There is an alternate way to access I'm Feeling Lucky from the search results page, even if you kept Google Instant on. Just look in the search results text box, hover over a result, and a I'm Feeling Lucky link will show up with the same functionality as the classic homepage version.

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