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Video:How to Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

with Charli James

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is a must-do for visitors to New York City. Follow these video tips from to learn the best ways to walk the Brooklyn Bridge.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

Hi, I'm Charli James for and we're on the famous Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. Today I'm going to show you how to walk the Brooklyn Bridge and what sights to look out for.

What to Know Before Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge connects the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan. There is no cost to walk it and there is a dedicated walkway just for pedestrians and bikers, so you can stroll and sightsee above the traffic. The Brooklyn Bridge is a 1.3-mile walk, so give yourself at least an hour if you want to sight-see and take pictures.

Access Points in Manhattan to Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

You can access the Brooklyn Bridge walkway from the Manhattan or Brooklyn side. On the Manhattan side, you can only enter at Park Row and Centre Street, across from City Hall Park. The closest subway station to the Manhattan entrance is the Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall 4, 5, and 6 trains. This station is right across the street from the Bridge.

Access Points in Brooklyn to Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

On the Brooklyn side there are two pedestrian entrances. The ramp entrance is at Tillary and Adams Streets. There is also a stairway entrance under the overpass at Cadman Plaza East and Prospect Streets. The closest subway station to the Brooklyn entrances is the A or C High Street-Brooklyn Bridge stop. Keep in mind it is a 1/4-mile walk to the bridge from this subway.

To access the pedestrian walkways, just follow the signs and walk up the ramp or stairs to the bridge. Bicyclists and walkers have separate lanes on the same walkway, so watch out for bikes.

Sights to See While Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

Sights to look out for on the Brooklyn Bridge include: the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan Skyline, Brooklyn Skyline, the South Street Seaport, the East River and other NYC bridges. You can cross the bridge at anytime, it is open 24 hours. However, sunrise and sunset provide gorgeous views. Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge is a favorite of NYC tourists and locals alike. I recommend walking in both directions to get views of the Brooklyn and Manhattan skylines.

Now you know how to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, and what to look for. For more on New York City attractions, visit

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