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Video:Where and When to Leaf Peep in Vermont

with Kaytie Sproul

Foliage in Vermont is a great reason to plan a fall vacation or weekend getaway. Here are a few places to see the best foliage colors when you are traveling to Vermont.See Transcript

Transcript:Where and When to Leaf Peep in Vermont

Hi, I'm Kaytie Sproul, here for About.com, and today we're going to talk about where and when to leaf peep in Vermont. The Green Mountain State is one of the most popular places to visit in the Fall when its trees' leaves are turning from green to varying and vibrant shades of red, yellow, and orange. Let's take a closer look.

Plan Your Vermot Foliage Tour

Vermont's leaf peeping season runs from mid-September through late-October, with peak season varying each year based on overall weather conditions. As you plan your trip, there are several websites that track the state's Fall foliage, and can help you decide where and when to travel for the best leaf peeping views. You can also call Vermont's Fall foliage hotline at 800-VERMONT for the latest updates.

Navigate Through Vermonts Scenic Routes

If you'll be in the Southeastern corner of the state and want to embark on a simple day-long driving loop, the artsy town of Brattleboro is a good place to start your leaf peeping journey. From there, you can continue North through Grafton, Weston, and Woodstock where you'll not only enjoy the breathtaking sights of Vermont's bright foliage, but country stores and quaint farms along the way.

Continuing on this route will ultimately take you into the Mad River Valley, which is the perfect area for hiking, boating, or driving through some of the best leaf peeping sights available in the state. Continuing on the same North-bound path will take you through Waterbury, Stowe, Lake Champlain, and Burlington, all abundant in Fall foliage and home to historic points of interest, ski resorts, and museums, among other things.

At this point, you'll begin to head South again into the college town of Middlebury, which is home to several sites dedicated to the poet Robert Frost. After passing through Middlebury, you'll continue to loop South and head back through the towns of Rutland, known for its covered bridges, and Bennington which will take you through Green Mountain National Forest, ending back in Brattleboro where you started off.

Where to Stop on Your Foliage Tour

If you're looking to tour all of Vermont, from the Northern to Southern borders, you can't go wrong with state route 100. It spans some 200 miles, taking leaf peepers through dozens of small towns along the way and, of course, scenic expanses of beautiful Fall foliage. You may also enjoy Route 108 if you hope to be staying in or around Stowe. Some of the resorts along this route also offer gondola rides up to various peaks and summits that promise amazing views of vibrant Fall landscapes.

With its rustic farms, quaint country stores, famous resorts, maple syrup, and - of course - gorgeous Fall foliage, you'll be delighted with your visit to Vermont. Whether you're looking for a simple 10-hour loop along half a dozen state routes and small country roads, or a solid 200-mile journey from North to South along a popular path, this particular New England getaway offers something for just about every leaf peeper out there.

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