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Video:The History of "Las Mananitas"

with Alexandra Ivan

"Las Mananitas" is a traditional Mexican song that is sung to a person on his or her birthday. Here's a video explaining the history and meaning of "Las Mananitas."See Transcript

Transcript:The History of "Las Mananitas"

Hello my dear friends, my name is Alexandra and I would like to talk about "Las Mananitas" history.

Origin of "Las Mananitas"

"Las Mananitas" is a Mexican song, a traditional Mexican song, equivalent with "Happy Birthday." It is very popular because it is sung on everybody's birthday and also in almost every Mexican party. It's history goes back to 1896, when it was first dated as originating from a town named Zacatecas, it's writer or composer beeing unknown. At the beginning of the 18th century, mariachi - which is a group of musicians just with violins and another two instruments, very Mexican instruments like Viguela and Guitaron - started to sing this song during people's birthdays.

Meaning of "Las Mananitas"

Since then, it's a tradition that mariachi come to your home and sing this song for you on your birthday. Also, it's very often sung in the early morning when we try to wake a loved one. There are a lot versions of "Las Mananitas," but just two verses are sung at most Mexican parties. It means the joy, can we say? It means that people love you when they remember the day of your birthday. All people are very excited about receiving this serenade on the morning of their birthday.

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