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Video:5 Best Secret Beaches in Mexico

with Jonathan Stewart

Visit these secret beaches in Mexico for a beautiful, exclusive vacation away from the crowds. Here are the five best secret beaches in Mexico, with tips on how to visit them.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Best Secret Beaches in Mexico

Mexico offers some of the most pristine beaches in the world. While some are already known as tourist hot spots, others may be unknown to you. We're going to lift the cover of anonymity on some of the country's best secret beaches so you can discover their hidden treasures.

X'cacel Beach Is a Great Secret Beach in Mexico for Animal Lovers

On the Yucatan Peninsula lies the Riviera Maya area, which is home to X'cacel Beach. It's hidden between Puerto Aventuras and Tulum near Cancun. Here, you'll find a sanctuary for turtles and can join in the wonderment of watching baby turtles return to the ocean in the spring and summertime.

Since it is a hidden spot, don't expect to find bars and restaurants here. This is strictly BYOP, that's bring your own picnic, and water. This beach offers serenity, palm trees, and white sandy beaches. The close proximity of this beach to the jungle means you can also explore nearby, including the remnants of the ancient Mayan civilization.

Xcalak Is a Good Secret Beach in Mexico for Divers

Also on the Yucatan Peninsula farther south is Costa Maya and the beach called Xcalak, which is close to Belize. This is a very remote area where you can dive and snorkel among what is considered the longest barrier reef in the world, after the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. You can also kayak, fly fish, or simply unwind and top off your tan. Again, there are no amenities at this secret beach so it's best to bring food and water with you.

Isla Holbox Is a Serene Secret Beach in Mexico

There's one more Yucatan secret beach to tell you about before heading to some other parts of Mexico. To the north lies Isla Holbox, which is about 100 hundred miles from Cancun and is an island retreat. It's a serene, idyllic spot to unwind and get away from everything, including the droves of tourists that often invade nearby Cancun during spring break and summer holidays.

Puerto Escondido Is a Great Secret Beach in Mexico for Surfing

The fourth beach you'll find not too far from Oaxaca. Puerto Escondido is south of Oaxaca. This beach may be less than secret and more just challenging to get to, logistically. Cars and buses will eventually get you to this area, which actually offers your choice of several beach spots.

The area is known for great surfing and fishing. Local markets and hotels provide a way to soak up the charm of the area and sample the grilled fresh fish for more than just a day. You might discover you’ll want to stay all week or even longer.

Mulegé Is a Great Secret Beach in Baja, California Sur

The last of the top five best secret beaches might surprise you since it's located in Baja, California. In Baja, California Sur, on the sea of Cortes, lies Mulegé. There is a small town, which welcomes visitors to the area to enjoy Bahia Concepción, a large bay. There, you can kayak and swim as well as snorkel. If you are more of a land lover, there are miles of white sandy beaches to walk and get lost in thought. With very few amenities, plan on bringing your own supplies and food.

Tips for Visiting Secret Beaches in Mexico

You'll be sure to enjoy the solitude that these secret beaches can bring, but be sure to be prepared with enough essentials for comfort and safety. Also, check with online sources and the U.S. consulate about any precautions that you may need to take if traveling to these remote areas.

I'm Jonathon Stewart, with About.com.

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