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Video:Tips for Taking a Hollywood Studio Tour

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Glitz, glamor, and studios is what one thinks of when the word 'Hollywood' comes to mind. In this video, learn some tips and guidelines for taking a Hollywood studio tour.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Taking a Hollywood Studio Tour

Hollywood! Glitz, glamor and stars. What could be better than seeing it all on a Studio Tour? Well the truth of the matter is that unless you know someone in show business or get very lucky you probably won't see many stars, glitz or glamour.

Sound stages are like big empty warehouses when not in use, but there are several studios in Los Angeles that will be happy to show you around for a fee.

Sony Studios Tour

First let's start with Sony Studios. This studio is not located in Hollywood. It's in Culver City close to LAX. They offer a walking tour. Tours depart daily Monday through Friday from 9:30 to 2:30 and reservations are needed. Cost is approximately $35 and they have free parking.

Paramount Studios Tour

Now let's visit Paramount Studios, the only major studio still located in Hollywood. They offer a 2 hour and a 4 1/2 hour motorized tour, Monday through Friday starting at 9:30 AM. Advanced reservations are required and the cost ranges between $48 and $150. Kids under 12 are not permitted and free parking is available.

Warner Brothers Studio Tour

Next we'll move over to Burbank and Warner Brothers. They have a 2 ½ cart tour that will take you through sound stages and the backlot for about $49. They also have a 5 hour deluxe tour for about $250. Kids 8 and above are welcome and all adults will need a government issued Passport for entry.

Universal Studios Tour

Finally the most famous tour of them all is at Universal Studios in Universal City. It's like an amusement park ride through the backlot with lots of staged animatronic scenes happening before your eyes. It's included in the entry fee for Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park and there are many purchase options ranging up to $289. No reservations are needed.

And tips for taking a Hollywood Studio Tour. Thank you for watching and for more information visit

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