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Video:How to Take Hollywood Sign Pictures

with Valerie Alvord

Learn how to take Hollywood sign pictures so that you can bring home memories of this iconic Los Angeles monument. Here are some tips on how to take Hollywood sign pictures.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Take Hollywood Sign Pictures

Hi my name's Diana Wright. I'm the media co-ordinator of the Hollywood sign, and I'm here with About.com with a "how to" video of how to take the best picture of the Hollywood sign.

Keep a Distance When You Take Hollywood Sign Pictures

Really the important thing to remember when trying to get a picture of the sign is that distance is your friend. These letters are 50 feet tall and 40 feet wide, so the closer you get, actually, the more obscured picture you're going to get. So right here, we're at Canyon Lake Drive, we've got a nice height, and we've got a nice viewpoint of the sign, and that can get you a gorgeous photo.

You want to be able to get the hillside, you want to get the blue sky, and you want to get all the letters in one picture. The Hollywood sign came from Hollywood Land, which in the '20s was a real estate development company. It was a billboard. They put it up in 1923, and it said "Hollywood Land," and had a giant "period." It also lit. So it went, "Holly-wood-land," and then the "period" would flash.

Take in the Hollywood Experience When You Take Hollywood Sign Pictures

When you're looking to take pictures of the sign you also want to think about Hollywood around you. We have locations like Hollywood and Highland, which is just going to be your basic, Hollywood everything there experience.

You've got the Walk of Fame, you've got the Chinese Mann Theater, and you've got the Hollywood Sign. Or you can do Beachwood Canyon Drive. You get a nice shot of the sign, but then also you get Hollywoodland Real Estate, and Village Coffee Shop. Both are just perfect, historical places. You go, you get a slice of what Hollywood used to be.

Be Aware of Security When You Take Hollywood Sign Pictures

The Hollywood Sign is copyrighted. It's owned by the city (of Los Angeles). But you're allowed to take pictures of it. You can always shoot us an email, and we will answer any of your questions for marketing and licensing needs.

The Hollywood Sign is under 24-hour surveillance, so if you get close to the sign and you say, "Hey, it doesn't look so far ..." and start hiking up, you are going to get caught. And you will have a fine and an embarrassing escort from the LAPD. Filmmakers constantly turn Los Angeles into Venice, and Rome and New York. If you think about the Hollywood sign, it's really our only land marker saying, "Hey. This is Los Angeles."
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