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Video:What Is the Chapman System?

with Todd Kolb

Todd and Alex demonstrate how the Chapman system format is played.See Transcript

Transcript:What Is the Chapman System?

Hey golfers this is Todd Kolb with We’re going to talk about the Chapman system.

Golfers Switch the Balls They Play in the Chapman System

In a Chapman system, both players tee off. They then switch balls. Player A will play Player B’s drive, and vice versa. Each player hits his or her second shot. They then select the best of the second shots, and from that point on until the ball is holed they play only one ball in an alternate shot format.

The Chapman System Involves Teams of Golfers

In a Chapman system it is usually a two person team, so Alex and I going to play today together as a team and the first step in this format is for each of us to hit our tee shot. Alex and I have both hit our tee shot and we’re now getting ready to hit our second shots into the green so in this particular format, the Chapman system, Alex will be playing the tee ball that I hit and I will be playing the tee shot that she hit.

Alright so Alex and I both hit the second shots into the green and now we are at a point where we have to choose one ball that we want to use to complete the hole with, so obviously we are going to choose the shot that Alex hit here because it’s much closer to the hole. So we’ve just completed that hole in the Chapman format. Just as a quick review, we both hit a tee shot, after the tee shot we played each other’s drive. From that point we were on the green and we had to pick one of the golf balls that we wanted to finish the hole with so we finished it out with a couple putts. We ended up with a four on that hole for our team score.

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