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Video:What Is a Closed Stance?

with Todd Kolb

A closed stance is an important position to use for hitting certain shots. Here are some tips for using a closed stance on the golf course.See Transcript

Transcript:What Is a Closed Stance?

I'm Todd Kolb with We're going to talk about the closed stance position.

Definition of a Closed Stance

When we talk about a closed position in the golf swing we're referring to the position of the feet and the hips and the shoulders in terms of where we want the golf ball to travel. So, I've got a club down here representing my target line and this is the area or direction that I want the golf ball to fly.

How to Form a Closed Stance

So in a closed position my feet are actually aimed to the right of the target so you'll notice my left foot is in front of my right foot, my hips and my shoulders are also going to be pointed to the right of my target. And this is the definition of a closed position.

Uses for a Closed Stance

Now, when would I want to be in a closed position? Well, if I want to intentionally draw or I want the golf ball to turn from the right to the left if I'm a right-handed golfer the closed position will help you do that.

So if we're in a closed position it will allow us to draw the ball a little bit but it can also cause some problems so if the intent is to hit the ball straight or at your target and your feet and your body are aimed to the right this is going to cause problems not only in the direction of the golf ball flies but also in the habits of your golf swing.

Tips for Using a Closed Stance

So once again a closed position is when the body, the feet, the hips and the shoulders are aimed to the right of the target. It's a good position to be in if you want to intentionally draw the ball. It's a bad position to be in if the ideal shot is to hit the ball straight.

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