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Video:What Causes a Pull Shot?

with Todd Kolb

Learn what causes a pull shot so that you can fix these shots on the golf course. Here are some tips on what causes a pull shot.See Transcript

Transcript:What Causes a Pull Shot?

Hi golfers, I'm Todd Kolb with About.com. We're going to talk about what causes a pull and how to fix it.

What Is a Pull Shot?

A pull is a shot that starts left of the target and stays left of the target, doesn't have a whole lot of movement on it but it just starts left of the target and stays left of the target. Now, one of the ways that you'll know you're hitting a pull is your divot will be aimed directly left of where you feel that it should be flying. That's a dead giveaway that the shot that you're hitting is a pull.

Bad Aim Can Cause a Pull Shot

Now let's talk about what might be causing that and how we can fix it. The first thing that could be causing it is very simple, could be just your aim. You could have your body, your feet, your hips and your shoulders actually just aimed to the left of the target. The easy way to fix that of course is just to get your feet and your body aimed parallel to your target line or back to the square position.

Poor Ball Position Can Cause a Pull Shot

The other reason that you might be actually pulling the golf ball or hitting the pull shot could be ball position. If the ball is too far forward in your stance, meaning it's too far up toward your lead foot, which would be your left foot for me, a right handed golfer, that will also cause you to actually pull the golf ball. 

Fixes for a Pull Shot

Now the fix to that is to get the golf ball in the right position and if you're hitting an iron that correct position is going to be basically straight off like the left side of your face or where a logo on a shirt might be. And if you're hitting a wood on a tee, it's going to be more off the inside of the left foot.

Hitting Over the Top Can Cause a Pull Shot

Now the third reason that you might be actually pulling the golf ball or hitting a pull shot is a little bit more challenging and a little bit more common, and that is what we call over the top. And what we mean by over the top is that the arms are swinging out and away from the body, so their swinging out and away and swinging to the left of the target, that will also cause you to hit the pull shot.

Fix Hitting Over the Top Pull Shots

Now the best way to fix that is to have the sense that your arms are staying more connected to your body and your hands and the club are going to work out and to the right of the target. If you're pulling it and your arms are working out and across your body, the shot's going to start to the left.

Tips for Fixing Pull Shots

So once again, a pull is a shot that starts to the left of the target, an easy way to know if you're hitting that shot is to look at your divot, see if the divot is aimed to the left, you know that's the reason it is, we've given you ways that might be causing it and three ways to fix it.

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