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Video:Top Gifts for Golfers

with Lauren Gores

Want to get your favorite golfer the perfect gift? This video from has some great gifts you can get for cheap for the golf enthusiast in your life.See Transcript

Transcript:Top Gifts for Golfers

Hey, I'm Lauren Gores for  Today, we're going to tee up the top gifts for your favorite golfer, who might have just about everything. If not, let's take a look at some things he or she might not have.

Golf GPS Apps, Devices, and Lasers

Golfers are always wanting get that accurate yardage. And while you can spend hundreds of dollars on expensive GPS devices, there are also apps for that. Help your golfer dial in with either a portable GPS unit - or an app for their smartphone. If they don't trust a GPS, a laser should suffice. You just point this thing at the pin, press a button and you have your distance. 

Golf Rain Gear and Clothing


If you're a golfer for all seasons, a good rain suit is a necessity.  Gore-Tex is best, but it's also pricey.  If you want to buy a basic rain suit, you can get one for around 70 dollars.  If you want the best, wait for a sale and cash in. Or maybe they need gear to beat the heat? A light colored golf shirt - or one that is specially designed for ventilation - both would be excellent choices.

Personalized Golf Accessories

Speaking of personalization, put away the Sharpie.  If you want people to know it's your ball, and not that partner you wish you'd left at the first tee. How about some personalized golf balls?

The Gift of Golf

But probably the best gift of all - the gift of golf itself. You could give that golfer a weekend trip to one of the worlds finest courses - or if that's a little much you could sign them up for a round on a virtual screen for some indoor golf.

And that's a quick look at some gifts for your favorite golfer. For more information, be sure to check out

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