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Video:Tips for Joining a Golf Club

with Todd Kolb

Joining a golf club can be a serious investment, so you should ask a lot of questions before you commit to it. This video from will show you the considerations to make before joining a golf club.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Joining a Golf Club

Hey golfers, I'm PGA Professional Todd Kolb with I'm going to give you some tips on joining a golf club.

Know What Type of Club You Want

If you're considering joining a club, there are a couple of things I want you to think about before you actually make that decision. The first thing—and the most important thing—is what is it that you are trying to get out of a particular club? Are you looking for something for your family, or are you looking for something for you as an individual? Do you like to golf one day a week or five or six days a week? Are you looking for a pool, tennis court, or those types of things? So the real question, first of all, is what is it that you want out of the particular club or clubs that you are considering joining?

Know What Each Club Offers

The next thing that I'm going to recommend is a couple of questions that I would ask as you visit the variety of clubs in your area. Number one—and the most important question—is what is their focus? Each club, whether they admit it or not, has a focus in terms of what they offer for their membership. Some clubs are strictly golf; that is their priority, that's their focus. Some have a pool or tennis, and their focus is providing a variety of opportunities for their membership. So, when you go in, ask them what their real focus is.

Consider Costs

The next thing you want to ask is the cost. Now we're talking about monthly costs, which are considered dues; initiation costs, and also any assessments that they might have throughout the year if the course has unforeseen projects or things that come up that might require some additional funds. 

Longevity of the Golf Club

The next thing I would ask is how long the club has been around. The reality of it is that some golf courses are financially struggling. So you want to be aware and make sure the club is on good financial stable ground before joining it.

Be Aware of Golf Restrictions

The fourth thing you want to ask is are there any restrictions in terms of golf? For example, some clubs are private, which means only members can play there; some of them are what we might call semi-private, where they allow the public to golf on certain days. Another thing that you want to consider is restrictions on juniors. If you have a family that likes to golf, some courses will restrict junior play on certain times and days.

So joining a club is a big decision for anybody, and you want to consider, first of all, what is it that you're looking to get out of it, and also what does the club offer? If you keep these things in mind when you walk in there, I think you'll be more educated and be able to make a good decision. For more information, visit

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