Quick Tip: What Is the Interlocking Golf Grip? Video
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Video:Quick Tip: What Is the Interlocking Golf Grip?

with Todd Kolb

Want to learn about the basics of an interlocking golf grip? Watch this About.com video to see what it is and why it can be helpful.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick Tip: What Is the Interlocking Golf Grip?

Hey Golfers, I'm PGA Teaching Professional Todd Kolb with About.com. We're going to talk about the Interlock Grip.

Interlocking Golf Grip Basics

The Interlock Grip is one of the most common grips used in golf. The key component to the Interlock Grip is the pinky of the bottom hand which, for me, is my right hand, interlocking—actually going in between—the middle finger of my left hand and also the index finger of my left hand. My pinky actually interlocks right in between there. Now, the reason for this is it helps me keep my hands together, and joins them so that they work as one unit.

Key to a Good Golf Swing

That's a key to having a good golf swing: having your hands work together. I also want to make sure that my bottom hand covers my top thumb so that the hands work nice and close together. The Interlocking grip is one of the most common grips used in golf, and allows you to keep your hands together.

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