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Video:Learn About Strong and Weak Grips

with Todd Kolb

Learn about strong and weak grips and what each does to your shot. Here are some tips about strong and weak grips, and how to use them in your golf game.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn About Strong and Weak Grips

This is Todd Kolb with About.com. We're going to talk about a strong and weak grip.

What Is a Strong Grip?

When we talk about a strong grip in golf, let's first of all describe what it actually is. In the top hand or the left hand for those of us that are right-handed golfers, as I look down at my hand I'm going to see three or four knuckles that would be considered a strong grip. So, one, two three, I see three or four knuckles, my left hand is rotated over, that's going to be in a strong position.

Rotate the Right Hand for a Strong Grip

Same way in the right hand, my right hand is going to be kind of rotated under so that the line that's formed between the thumb and the hand not only on the bottom hand but also on the top hand, both of those are running below the right shoulder so the hands are kind of rotated to the right as I look down at my golf club there, that would be a strong grip for a right-handed golfer.

When to Use a Strong Grip

Now, when might I use that, well if I actually want to try and draw the ball or what we call turn the ball over, hit the ball from right to left for a right-handed golfer, that would be when you'd want to use a strong grip.

What Is a Weak Grip?

A weak grip is going to be just the opposite. As I look down at my hands, I would see maybe one knuckle or zero knuckles and the line that's formed between my thumb and the hand again is going to be pointed more at my chin. Not only on the left, but also on the right hand, and this weak position grip I might want to use if I want to intentionally fade the ball or hit the ball from the left to the right.

When to Use a Strong Grip Versus a Weak Grip

So, a strong grip is going to be more knuckles, hands rotated to the right, it's going to help you draw the ball or turn the ball over right to left. A weak grip is going to be hands more rotated to the left, lines going more towards the chin, is going to cause the ball to go a little bit higher and more to the right.

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