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Video:How to Putt with a Claw Grip

with Todd Kolb

The claw grip is one of a number of different popular methods of putting, and it really works for the people that use it. Here's a guide to properly utilizing the claw grip in putting.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Putt with a Claw Grip

Hi golfers, I'm PGA teaching professional Todd Kolb for We're going to talk about how to putt using the claw grip.

Lead Hand in the Claw Grip

The claw style for putting can be a real good option if you tend to struggle with your putting at different times, so let's talk first of all about how we're going to hold the putter in the claw style. First thing you're going to do is with your lead hand, you're left hand, you're going to go ahead and hold it almost like you would on any regular putter. Now, I like to recommend that you actually lock the left wrist in a little bit because you want this left side to be nice and solid.

Using Other Hand in Claw Grip

The key component with the claw is the right hand and there's a couple different ways that you can do this. The first and probably the most common one is to hold the putter between the thumb and the two fingers on the right hand. Alright, and what you're going to do is lock in that left side again, left side is nice and firm, holding the putter between the left thumb and the lead finger and you're just going to brush it or almost kind of push the putter down the line. Now, why people like this is because it locks in the left side and also takes the right hand wrist out of it. I'm not able to flip it with the right hand wrist which is a common mistake a lot of golfers make.

Example of Claw Grip

So I'm set up here, I've locked in my left side, I'm holding the putter nice and light on top of the thumb and on the hand and I'm going to feel like I'm just pushing the putter or brushing the putter right down the target line. Now, some people have changed the right hand a little bit, they might even kind of put it in between the two fingers and between their middle finger and their ring finger and kind of almost do the same thing there, but either one of those works. The key component with the claw grip is to feel the left side locked in, get the putter positioned above the thumb and the finger there, and feel like you're just going to brush the putter right down the line. It will take the wrist out of it, it will make the motion a little bit smoother, and hopefully will help you make a few more putts.

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