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Video:How to Putt With a Cross-Handed Grip

with Todd Kolb

Learn how to putt with a crosshanded grip so that you can improve your putting on the course. Here are tips for putting with a crosshanded grip.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Putt With a Cross-Handed Grip

I'm PGA Teacher Professional Todd Kolb for We're going to talk about how to putt using a cross-handed grip.

What Is a Cross-Handed Grip?

A cross-handed style of putting grip is a way that's going to allow a lot of golfers to improve their putting. Now, this technique is sometimes also called left hand low. Now the reason a lot of people like this or go to this is because it does a couple things. First of all, it levels out the shoulders in the putting set up and that's a key concept to being a quality putter.

How to Position a Cross-Handed Grip

So let me show you what I mean by that. In a standard putting grip, the right hand is significantly lower than the left hand and that lowers the right shoulder. One of the key components to becoming a good putter is having your shoulders nice and level. When you take the left hand or the lead hand and you place it lower, sometimes once again called left hand low or the cross-hand style, it levels off the shoulders and allows the body to swing the putter in a true pendulum motion.

Another Reason to Use the Cross-Handed Grip

The other reason a lot of people like this, is because a common mistake that people make when they putt is they tend to break down the lead wrist or what we would call the left wrist if we're a right handed golfer. So once again in the conventional style, the standard style, a common mistake is for the left wrist to kind of break down. It causes us to miss a lot of putts. With the cross handed style, the left hand is lower and the left wrist is much firmer, it allows us to keep the putter face nice and square.

Tips for Using the Cross-Handed Grip

So, the cross handed grip sometimes called also the left hand low style it can be very effective for two reasons, one is it levels out the shoulders, creates a more pendulum type set up motion and then also keeps the left wrist nice and firm, two keys to quality putting.

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