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Video:How to Hit a Draw

with Todd Kolb

Learn how to hit a draw shot so that you can have more control over where you hit the ball when playing golf. Here are some tips for how to hit a draw.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Hit a Draw

I'm Todd Kolb with About.com. We're going to talk about the golf shot called the draw. So the draw shot in golf is a shot that goes out on the target line and then works to the left if I'm a right handed golfer. So, there's a couple different ways that I can go about hitting this golf shot. Let me show you the first and I think the easiest way to do it.

Close the Club Face to Hit a Draw

Take your normal set up, your regular grip and everything else is going to be the same, even your golf swing you're going to attempt to do the same, but the club face you're going to actually rotate or close the club face so it's aimed to the left of the target if I do this and make my same normal golf swing the ball is going to go out and work to the left or i.e. it's going to draw.

Strengthen Your Grip to Hit a Draw

Another way I can do this, is to strengthen my grip. So if I take my grip, my left hand my top hand and also my bottom hand and I rotate them to the right, this is strengthening the grip. That will allow me to release the club face, rotate the clubface a little bit easier, and will also cause the golf ball to draw.

Adjust Your Stance to Hit a Draw

The third way that I could help draw the golf ball, is to adjust my stance. If I take my feet and close my stance, so my left foot forward my right foot back, this will help me swing the club from what we call the inside and rotate and release it, will also cause the golf ball to draw.

Many Different Ways to Hit a Draw

So, as you review, a draw is a shot that goes out and works to the left. If I want to hit that shot intentionally, three ways I can do it. The first and I think the easiest, is to simply close the club face, make your normal golf swing. I could also strengthen my grip, turn my left hand over and my right hand under, that would also help me draw the golf ball. Or, I can adjust my stance by bringing my left foot forward and my right foot back, closing my stance, that will also promote the shot which we're talking about, which is the draw.

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