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Video:Correcting a Slice

with Michael Lamanna

Many golfers slice their entire lives without realizing that by making a few simple adjustments to their swing, it can be easily corrected. Try these tips to correct slices.See Transcript

Transcript:Correcting a Slice

Hello! My name is Michael Lamanna, Director of Instruction for Troon Golf at the world famous Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The most common, chronic error in golf is the slice. Many golfers slice their entire life and do not realize that by understanding the factors that causes a slice, then making a few adjustments to their swing that it can be easily corrected.

When Does a Slice Occur?

Direction control in golf is caused primarily by the face position and path direction of the club at impact. Slicers arrive at impact with an open face.

Correct the Slice

To correct the slice the right hand golfer should make the following change to square the face of the club:

  1. Make sure that the Vs formed by your thumb and forefinger on both hands are set to point toward your right shoulder.
  2. Use a light grip pressure. If 10 is tight pressure and 1 is the lightest pressure, set your grip at a pressure of 3 or 4.
  3. Make sure that through impact your forearms rotate counter clockwise. This is the correct release action to square the face.

Usually both the face and the path of the club must be changed to correct a slice.

Slice Paths

There are three paths that the club could follow. Using our clock for illustration, the paths for the right hand golfer is as follows.

  1. For straight shots, the club must stay on the inside of the target line. The club should swing into the ball from 6:30, then exit at 11:30.
  3. Spin on the ball.
  5. Hookers swing their club from inside-7:00 to 1:00-which imparts hook spin on the ball.
  7. If you slice the ball, your swing angle is too steep and your club swings from outside to inside.

Slice Practice Drill

Once you have corrected the face position issues, I suggest the following practice drill:

  1. Set a shaft in the ground one club length behind the ball and a club head length outside your target line.
  2. Angle the shaft so that it is the same as the lie angle of your golf club.
  3. Make practice swings that pass under the shaft.
  4. Practice hitting balls with the club passing under the shaft.
  5. Feel your swing working from inside to outside.

There is no reason to slice golf shots for a lifetime. Simply adjust your grip and practice swinging from inside to outside. I think you will enjoy the results!

Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us at


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