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Video:How to Buy Golf Clothes for Men

with Todd Kolb

Golf clothes are an important part of the game, both to help your game and because of dress codes. This video gives some tips on shopping for men's golf clothes.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Buy Golf Clothes for Men

Hi golfers, I'm PGA Professional Todd Kolb for We're going to talk about buying men's golf clothes.

Pay Attention to Golf Course Dress Code

When it comes time to purchase some golf attire for a round of golf, one of the first things you want to consider is what are the requirements or stipulations that the course you're going to be playing that particular day has. Each golf course will have a little bit of a different guideline in terms of what the golfers can wear on the course.

Men's Golf Clothes: Shorts

So, the first thing we might consider is shorts. If you're going to buy a pair of shorts, golf shorts are designed to be, of course, worn outside, they're light and they're breathable. Also, be aware of the length of them. Some golf courses will even require that the length of shorts be a certain height where they go almost down to the knee and those types of things. So, when you're going to buy a pair of shorts, be aware of how long they are and how they might relate to the golf course that you're playing.

Men's Golf Clothes: Pants

The next thing we'll talk about is buying a pair of pants. So golf pants are designed to be worn specifically at the golf course. What does that mean? Well, they're going to be a little bit lighter, so they're more breathable and they're going to be less restrictive than some dress pants would be that you would wear with a suit and those types of things. So, golf pants are going to be something that are comfortable to wear, light and easy to get around on the golf course.

Men's Golf Clothes: Shirts

Next thing we'll talk about is shirts. Now, my recommendation is going to be when you buy a golf shirt, I would certainly buy a shirt that has a collar on it. Almost all golf courses are going to want you to have a collar on your shirt. Golf shirts specifically, kind of like the pants and shorts, are going to be light and breathable and not restrictive at all, unlike a dress shirt that might be kind of tight and form fitted, the golf shirts are going to be nice, breathable and easy to swing the golf club in.

Men's Golf Clothes: Hats and Shoes

Of course, no golf attire is not completely set without a hat. You want to make sure and have a golf hat I would recommend before you head to the golf course. It's going to protect you from the sun and those types of things, and getting a hat whatever style you might like is certainly a recommendation that we're going to make for you before you head to the golf course. The other thing you're going to want to consider is a pair of golf shoes. Some golf courses are going to require that you wear a pair of golf shoes, they wouldn't let you wear sandals or something like that. Most golf courses, however, will be fine with you wearing just a pair of tennis shoes.

Men's Golf Clothes: All Weather Gear

Lastly, if you're playing any golf outside, at some point you're going to run into some different types of weather, whether it be rain or cold or wind or those types of things, and there's always a bunch of golf attire available that is specifically designed for this. You can find jackets that are easy to golf in. They have very little restriction to them, but they're going to keep you nice and dry throughout the day. Or, something like this that's just a pull over that's going to keep you nice and dry during the day and also keep you nice and warm if it happens to be windy and those types of things.

Make sure before you head to the golf course you have the proper attire before you actually buy that attire, be aware of what the requirements of the golf course you're going to be playing are before you purchase anything.

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