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Video:How to Avoid Slow Play on the Golf Course

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Slow play on the golf course can be irritating to others and can ruin a friendly round of golf. Watch this video to learn how to avoid slow play on the golf course.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Avoid Slow Play on the Golf Course

Slow play on the golf course is usually a negative thing that is a minor irritant to some and a cause for quarrel to others. The following tips will help you pick up the pace, while ensuring everyone on the course has an enjoyable time.

Be Ready to Avoid Slow Play on the Golf Course

Always be ready. When you're waiting for the other players to tee off, use that time to judge the wind and select your club. When it's your turn on the tee, limit your practice swings to as few as possible, or take them while some one else is on the tee. Just make sure you don't disturb them. As you continue along the course, remember that you should never just be standing around. Always choose your club while some one else is taking their shot.

Use a Golf Cart to Avoid Slow Play on the Course

Use the golf cart efficiently, so that you don't have to back track to pick up players or take shots.  When you reach the green, don't wait until your turn to assess the slope. Use the time you have while the other player is taking his shot to do this. By simply being ready, you can greatly increase your pace, without feeling hurried, and get the most out of every round.

Play Ready Golf to Avoid Slow Play on the Course

On that note, another great way to speed up a round is to play Ready Golf. Ready Golf incorporates some of the principle just discussed, but takes it a step further. In Ready Golf, whoever is ready first, plays his shot first, regardless of who is away. Safety is the first priority though, and if a player is in your path, then you must wait for him to clear. Remember, if other players are still backed up behind you waiting to play, proper golf etiquette dictates that you should let them play through.

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