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Video:How to Hit Long Drives

with Michael Lamanna

The drive is one of golf's most important shots, and if you follow these driving basics and you can hit the ball both long and straight. Watch how it's done.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Hit Long Drives

Hello! My name is Michael Lamanna, Director of Instruction for Troon Golf at the world famous Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Today we are going to discuss one of golf's most thrilling and important shots, the drive. Arnold Palmer once said that a long drive is good for the ego. But drives must also be fairly straight and if you follow my advice, you can have the best of both worlds.

Driver Features

The driver has two unique features that you must understand to use it effectively:

  • The driver has the longest shaft of any club therefore your swing must be shallow, not steep. Steep, Ferris wheel like swings that are over the top produce bad drives.
  • Your driver has the least amount of loft of any club-excluding your putter-and it is the only full swing club that is designed to ascend into impact.

Tips for Great Driving

To setup and succeed when driving, I recommend the following for right hand golfers:

  1. Select a driver with enough loft for your natural swing speed. Players with low swing speeds should consider high launch drivers-13 degrees of loft or more.
  2. Tee the ball high. At least 1/2 the ball should be above the top of the club.
  3. Take a stance that is an at least an inch or two wider than shoulder width.
  4. Stand slightly more upright and have your hands slightly farther from your body than your irons. You should be far enough away from the ball that your right hand is outside your chin. This promotes a shallow swing.
  5. Tilt your spine to the right, away from the target and position 60% of your weight on your right foot.
  6. Hover the club head above the ground behind the ball. Great drivers like Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Annika Sorenstam, and Tiger Woods all do this to assure a smooth shallow takeaway.
  7. When you swing, sweep the ball off the tee. Your club should never swing steep and hit the ground.

Driving Practice Drill

To improve your driving, try the following drill:

  1. Set two tees in the ground and place a ball on the farthest tee.
  2. Take your driver stance, then set your torso in an erect posture with your arms parallel to the ground.
  3. Make shallow, round swings and fell the club swinging like a merry go round, around your torso.
  4. Gradually bow forward and feel the club working around your torso at a right angle. Imagine a wheel with your spine as the hub and your arms and club working like spokes.
  5. Make two practice swings and try to nick the first tee with the bottom of the club.
  6. Address the ball and swing. Try to swing the club through the air and nick the tee.

Follow these driving basics and you can hit the ball both long and straight.

Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us at About.com.


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