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Video:Correct Posture

with Michael Lamanna

Correct posture plays a vital roll in golf, putting you in position for balanced, powerful, and consistent ball striking. See some tips for correcting and perfecting your posture.See Transcript

Transcript:Correct Posture

Hello! My name is Michael Lamanna, Director of Instruction with Troon Golf at the world famous Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale Arizona.

Why Is Correct Golf Posture Important?

Correct posture plays a vital roll in golf. It puts you in position for balanced, powerful and consistent ball striking. With the correct posture, you can swing the club through impact with the little or no manipulation for consistent results.

The correct posture in golf puts you in an athletic setup which helps you create effortless power. It also creates the angle for you swing.

Correct Golf Posture

The right hand golfer should use the following setup:

  1. Set your feet shoulder-width apart. The outside of your shoulders should fit inside your insteps.
  2. Flex your knees only slightly for good balance. Your knees should be over the balls of your feet and your quads should be tension free.
  3. Bend at the hips. Never allow your spine to slouch.
  4. Your spine should be angled forward toward the ball, enough to create a right angle with the shaft of the club. Your spine will become the hub of your swing.
  5. Make sure that your weight is centered on the balls of the feet. Never position too much weight on your heels or toes.
  6. Tilt your spine slightly to the right. This side tilt keeps your head behind the ball, which is critical for power.
  7. For driving, set 60% of your weight on the right foot and tilt behind the ball slightly more than irons.

Remember, the setup writes the script for the swing. Your posture forms the foundation for your swing and good posture will make the swing simple and easy to repeat.

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