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Video:Correct Ball Position

with Michael Lamanna

Impact is the moment of truth in golf, so placing the ball in the correct position in you stance is critical to arriving at the correct impact position. Improve your ball striking with these tips.See Transcript

Transcript:Correct Ball Position

Hello! My name is Michael Lamanna, Director of Instruction for Troon Golf at the world famous Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Importance of Golf Ball Position

Placing the ball in the correct position in you stance is critical to arriving in the correct impact position. Impact is the moment of truth in golf. The ball's flight is completely determined when the club strikes the ball and with the ball positioned correctly in your stance, you can consistently control the flight of the ball.

Swing and Ball Position

Think of your swing as a wheel around your torso. As you swing, your club orbits around and up, then down and back around to the finish. As the club approaches impact, the ball is on the turf and the club should be descending into the ball. The club contacts the ball and continues down into the turf. The divot should be on the target side of the ball. Shorter irons-like a 9-iron-are designed to strike the ball at a steeper angle. Longer the clubs are designed to swing at shallower angles.

Clubs and Ball Positions

To assure that the club head arrives at impact with the correct angle of approach, right hand golfers should use the following ball positions:

  • For short irons-wedges, 9-iron and 8-iron-play the ball in the center of your stance. This position encourages a steeper angle at impact, producing a divot on the target side of the ball.
  • Play your middle irons-7-iron, 6-iron and 5-iron-one ball left of center. This position encourages a slightly shallower angle of approach with a slight divot on the target side of the ball.
  • For you long irons, hybrids and fairway metals, play the ball two balls left of center. This position places the ball at or near the bottom of the swing for the shallowest angle one can achieve when the ball is on the turf.
  • For driving, the head of the club should be ascending slightly. To encourage an ascending hit, position the ball even with the inside of your left foot, at least three balls left of center.

Understanding and using the correct ball position is important for consistent ball flight control. Practice and use these positions and your ball striking will improve.

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