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Video:Basics of the Pitch Shot in Golf

with Todd Kolb

Want to learn the proper setup of a pitch shot in golf, including club selection, ball positioning, and swing style? Watch this video to see instructions for completing a pitch shot.See Transcript

Transcript:Basics of the Pitch Shot in Golf

Hey golfers, I'm PGA Teaching Professional Todd Kolb with We're going to talk about the basics of a pitch shot.

What Is a Pitch Shot?

A pitch shot is a shot that requires a distance where it's a little bit further than a chip shot around the green, but yet you're not into a full swing. So for the average golfer, this can range anywhere from 30 yards up to 100 yards depending upon the skill level of the golfer. Now, a couple of things that you want to keep in mind as you go ahead and hit this shot. The first thing is the club selection. I'm going to recommend that you use a sand wedge to hit this particular shot. How you go about your stance, your setup and your grip, let's go through that.

Grip for a Pitch Shot in Golf

The first thing is I'm going to recommend you use the same grip that you use on all of your shots, but you might simply move your hands down on the golf club a little bit to help you hit the ball a little bit shorter distance. Stance width, I like the stance width to be about shoulder width. I like the weight to be nice and balanced equally on both my left foot and my right foot. Ball position, I like the ball to be positioned right in the middle of my stance, because I want to catch the ball slightly on a descending blow, so I'm going to position the ball more in the middle of my stance.

Swing for a Pitch Shot

In terms of the swing itself, it really depends on how far you want the golf ball to go. Obviously, the further I want the golf ball to go, the longer the swing is going to be, and this is really the key to quality pitching: distance control.

Pitch Shot: Between a Chip and a Full Swing

So once again, this pitch shot is kind of an intermediate shot in between a chip, but not yet a full swing. We're going to use our sand wedge. We're going to use the same grip that we use on all of our shots, but we are going to move our hands down on the golf club a little bit. Our stance is going to be shoulder width apart, the ball is going to be in the center of our feet, and we're going to vary the length to determine how far we want the golf ball to go. If you do these couple key things, you'll find that your pitching will improve and, therefore, your scores will come down.

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