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Video:5 Common Problems Golfers Have with the Grip

with Todd Kolb

There are common problems that golfers have with the grip that ultimately alters their game. Watch this About.com video to see tips for avoiding those issues.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Common Problems Golfers Have with the Grip

Hey golfers, I'm PGA Teaching Professional Todd Kolb for About.com. We're going to talk about five common grip mistakes.

Notes About Grip Problems in Golf

Having a quality grip is probably the most important thing when it comes to hitting good golf shots on a regular basis. I want to share with you five common mistakes that we see on the lesson tee quite often.

5 Common Problems Golfers Have with the Grip

The first is having a grip that is too strong. So if you're a right-handed golfer, what that simply means is that the top hand—which is the left hand—and the bottom hand—the right hand—are both rotated too far to the right. This is what we call a "strong" grip, and will cause you to hit the ball a little bit lower and maybe to the left.

Now, another mistake is what we call a "weak" grip, and that's just the opposite. That's where the top hand and the bottom hand are rotated towards the left. Now this particular position will cause you to hit the ball a little bit higher, merely, and not hit it actually as far as you're capable. So those are the first two things that we see—a grip that's too strong and a grip that is too weak.

More Grip Problems in Golf

Another common mistake that I see quite often is gripping the club too much in the palms. What I mean by that is that they position the club in the palms of the hand. On a proper grip, you want the club to be more down toward the fingers. When the club is in the fingers, it allows you to hinge the club properly, which allows you to create maximum club head speed. So that would be the third thing that we see—gripping the club too much in the palms.

The next one that we see quite often is that the hands are simply separated. So when you place your hands on the golf club correctly, the bottom hand covers the top left thumb. So for me, as a right-handed golfer, my bottom hand—my right hand—covers my left thumb. This joins my hands together so they work as one unit. A common mistake that we see is that the hands are separated so that the thumb is exposed and the hands then work independently, which is not what we want in a quality grip.

Other Common Grip Issues

The fifth and the final one is a little bit more detailed, but it's a pretty important one, and that is what I call "gapping of the thumbs." When you grip the golf club correctly, the top thumb and the bottom thumb should be nice and snug against the hand. A common mistake that I will see is that there will be a little gap in here, between the thumb and the hand, or also on the bottom hand as well. What happens when we do this is that the club will fall into that gap and we'll lose control of the golf club.

So the grip is an important part of the golf swing; these are five common mistakes we see. If you want to play good golf, you need to have a quality grip.

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