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Video:Japan Travel: Tips for Finding Restaurants in Tokyo

with Megumi Eda

The only thing difficult about dining in Tokyo is deciding what type of food you want. Get some great tips for finding an authentic, delicious restaurant while traveling in Japan in this travel video from About.com.See Transcript

Transcript:Japan Travel: Tips for Finding Restaurants in Tokyo

Hello my name is Megumi Eda for About.com. Today I'm going to give you some tips for finding restaurants in Tokyo.

Dining in Tokyo

The only thing hard about finding food in Tokyo is deciding what you want. There are thousands of restaurants in Tokyo offering food from every country in the world and every region of Japan. Most of the Japanese restaurants specialize in one particular regional cuisine.

Sushi Restaurants in Tokyo

Everyone has heard of, and probably eaten, sushi which is cooked vinegared rice combined with other ingredients- the most common one being seafood - and Sashimi: which is sliced raw fish. If you want the freshest sushi and sashimi go to Tsukiji fish market in the early morning. Sitting at the bar, you'll get to talk to the chef and see them in action. Going to a Kaiten-zushi (moving sushi) is also fun. Sushi goes around every table and counter seat, and you simply take the ones you like.

Ramen in Tokyo

Ramen, or noodles, is super popular in Japan, definitely worth checking out. It's great for a quick meal and generally inexpensive. A point of etiquette: Make sure when you eat that you suck the noodles into your mouth with a loud slirping sound. The two main types of noodles are Udon which are thick white wheat noodles and Soba, a thinner, buckwheat noodle.

Izakayas in Tokyo

Izakayas are the popular Japanese restaurant/bars that serve many small dishes to enjoy while drinking Beer, Sake, Shochu or Whiskey. Izakayas have a relaxed casual feeling - and are great places to taste many different kinds of Japanese dishes in one sitting. For example, Yakitori, chicken grilled on a stick.

Western Food in Tokyo

If you miss western-style foo there are so many cafes in Tokyo from nostalgic to trendy and cheap to expensive. In a cafe you can have a light lunch, like sandwiches, soup, curry rice and so on. For a truly elegant Tokyo cafe experience visit "Shiseido parlor" in Ginza.

And that's some information about finding restaurants in Tokyo - to learn more, please visit About.com.

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