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Video:Tips for Walking Around Paris Comfortably

with Gina Miller

Follow these tips for walking around Paris comfortably so that you can tour the City of Light properly on your next trip to France.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Walking Around Paris Comfortably

Hi, I'm Gina Miller and today for we are going to go over tips for comfortably walking around Paris, France. Paris is one of the world's most romantic and beautiful cities. With its historic buildings, gardens, and cobblestone streets, you'll want to take your time walking around and enjoy everything the City of Light has to offer.

Items to Bring When Walking Around Paris Comfortably

But before you venture out you'll need a few items such as a comfortable pair of shoes. There are so many sights to see you'll want to spend a whole day just walking around the city, so make sure you stay as comfortable as possible, especially on these cobblestone streets.Next, you'll want to check the weather and wear the appropriate outer garments and of course bring an umbrella. In Paris you never know when a shower will pop up. It's also a good idea to carry a simple, detailed map of central Paris as a reference since many of the narrow streets look alike.

Begin Your Walk Around Paris at the Notre Dame

Now, the best place to begin your walk is the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris. Located on a small island in the middle of the Seine River, it's the geographic center of Paris, which is divided into the Left and Right Bank. The Right Bank is located to the north of the Seine, and historically was where the city's wealthy lived and played, and the Left Bank to the south was the artistic part of the city.

Walk Around Paris on the Left Bank

As you stroll the Left Bank you'll see Boulevard St. Michel with it's little cafés, which were frequented by some of the world's best artists and writers, such as Picasso, Hemingway and Fitzgerald.

Walk Around Paris on the Right Bank

On the Right Bank you'll marvel at The Arc de Triumph and The Champs Elysées. And of course shopping is a must at some of the finest stores in the world. Or just a stroll to one of the many French pastry shops is truly amazing.

Etiquette Tips for Walking Around Paris

While walking around Paris there are certain points of etiquette to remember. Crosswalks and signs may seem like mere suggestions to Parisians, but better to be safe than sorry; stick to the rules. With all the sidewalk café's it's important to give the waiter the table side of the sidewalk. Also, most streets in the city are narrow, so don't be too offended should you be bumped or jostled, but also be aware of pickpockets.

Additional Tips When Walking Around Paris

Here's a tip: If nature calls on your journey simply stop by one of the high tech toilets found throughout the city. It very sanitary and it's free. And most of all remember Paris is for strolling, so forget about walking briskly. You might even want to find a spot and enjoy a crepe while you watch others do the walking. And of course you'll want to end your day at the Eiffel Tower with a glass of Champagne or stroll around Paris at night for a truly breathtaking experience.

And those are some tips for walking comfortably around Paris. Thanks for watching and for more information, visit us online at

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