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Video:Tips for Visiting the Centre Pompidou

with Nathan Buck

Centre Pompidou is a fine arts museum with a historical significance in French culture. Find out more about Centre Pompidou and why this should be a part of any trip to France.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Visiting the Centre Pompidou

Hi! My name is Nathan Buck for And today I am going to give you a few Tips for Visiting the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

 Centre Pompidou is a Fine Arts Hub 

The Centre Pompidou, known also as simply as "The Beaubourg" is Europe's largest modern art museum housing one of the great world collections of modern art. But it is also much more than an art museum. George Pompidou, the president of France from 1969 to 1974 and the building's namesake envisioned the center as multidisciplinary crossroads where fine and performing arts, cinema, literature and academic research could intermingle. His vision was certainly achieved.

The Center houses a great public library: the BPI, that is beloved of students and non-students from all over Paris as well as several movie theaters and live performance spaces, a music research institute and a great open outdoor space that attracts myriad street performers.

 Centre Pompidou is Known for Its Architecture 

However one of the greatest features of the Centre Pompidou is the building itself which is one of the world's most unique and recognizable modern architectural structures, which, when it was opened in 1977 instantly became one of Paris' favorite tourist attractions, rivaling even the Eiffel Tower in popularity.And, like the Eiffel Tower the Centre Pompidou was also highly controversial when it was first built.

For many, the colorful mass of tubes, glass, pipes, air ducts, and escalators was considered an eyesore. However, by taking an inside-out approach, that is, exposing the guts of the building on the outside, the architects, Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano freed the inside of the building and allowed for great open spaces hitherto unachievable in museums and buildings in general.

 Centre Pompidou's Long History  

And the Centre Pompidou has certainly stood the test of the time. At 34 years old the Center is thriving. The museum regularly holds major international exhibitions and has a permanent collection with works of art by all major 20th century artists including Picasso, Giacometti, Miro, Matisse, Rothko, Leger, Kandinsky as well as an atelier dedicated to the work of sculptor Constantin Brancusi.

Tourism at the Centre Pompidou

But even if modern art is not your thing, chances are you will find something exciting at the Centre Pompidou. Be it a film, a dance performance, or simply a snack on the top floor with it's fabulous view of Paris.The Centre Pompidou is very popular, so it is always a good idea to get there either right when it opens: at 11AM everyday of the week, or after 5PM which will still give you 4 hours until it closes at 9PM. The Centre Pompidou kis closed on Tuesdays and May 1.

Admission prices for the museum and exhibitions are 12 Euros or 10 Euros depending on the period. Check the website for reduced price and concessionary tickets. The cinema tickets are 6 Euros and Performance tickets are 14 Euros. If you just want to enjoy the fabulous 6th story view or Paris, you can purchase a Panorama Ticket for 3 Euros. And remember, the library, gift shop, bookstore and many public spaces are completely free. So those are just a few tips for visiting the fabulous Pompidou Center in Paris.

Thanks for watching. For more information on the Pompidou Center and other places to visit in Paris, visit

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