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Video:Tour the French Riviera

with Gina Miller

The French Riviera is a beautiful part of the world that's dotted with great tourist spots. This travel video from will give you a tour of the French Riviera.See Transcript

Transcript:Tour the French Riviera

Hi, I'm Gina Miller, and today for we are going to tour the French Riviera.

Location of the French Riviera

The Cote d'Azur, or the French Riviera, is located on the southeast side of France and borders Italy. It is comprised of dozens of small villages and several well-known cities that stretch across 80 miles of beautiful sea views. Getting to the French Riviera is easy by plane, train or car and there are many types of lodging including one of my favorite bed and breakfasts, Villa Maya, located on the Mediterranean Sea near our first stop, St. Tropez.

French Riviera: St. Tropez

You can start your Riviera tour with some gourmet crepes and a fantastic view before the short drive to the center of town. St. Tropez is a very popular tourist locale and became a famous spot for jet-setters starting in the 1950's. It boasts beautiful beaches where you can go au natural, and be surrounded by beautiful people.

French Riviera: Cannes and Nice

Next, we'll visit Cannes -- famous for its film festival, but is also offers great shopping and a wonderful sea view. As you go east, you'll enter the city of Nice, which is the center and heart of the French Riviera and a place where many celebrities have their summer homes. It is easy to travel around by bus, car, walking or biking.

French Riviera: Monaco

Finally, you'll want to stop in in the small country of Monaco. Famous for being the home and last living place of Grace Kelly, or Princess Grace of Monaco, it has great restaurants, yachts and a world renowned casino. Needless to say, the French Riviera is a very popular place and it's quite congested year round, but you can always stray from the main road and enjoy life and dinner away from the crowd in one of the dozens of smaller villages.

And that is a tour of the French Riviera. Thanks for watching, and for more information, visit us on the web at

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