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Video:Top 5 Places to Visit in Portugal

with Nathaniel Buck

From Porto to Lisbon, Portugal is full of great cities that are full of culture and rich with history. In this video, learn about the top five cities in Portugal.See Transcript

Transcript:Top 5 Places to Visit in Portugal

Hi my name is Vanessa Bernardo, I run the Lisbon Green Sardine in downtown Lisbon.

I recommend five wonderful cities to visit when you arrive here.

The City of Guimarães

And number one, Guimarães, the first capital of Portugal and that's in the northern part of Portugal and that is also the birthplace of King Henry.

The Northern Capital of Portugal, Porto

Porto, known as the northern capital of Portugal, there are so many wonderful things to see, so I suggest you stay there for at least a night or two. If you're an old book lover, great deals at old book stores over here.


But between Porto and Guimarães there's also a city known as Braga which is very beautiful and it's also known as a university city.

Lisbon, the Capital of Portugal

Number three of course, Lisbon -the capital of Portugal, for art, music, a lot of restaurants, everything - the cultural hub over here in Portugal.

If you are in Lisbon, I do suggest you visit Sintra. You can get the train at the Rossio train station. It's a village but it's one of the most amazing places - fairytale place - that you can go to.


Coimbra, the infamous university city which then became also the second capital of Portugal before Lisbon was.


Five: Évora. Évora is the city in the Alentejo region which is also a national heritage site with Unesco. It's very beautiful and it has unique architecture.

That was some information about the top five cities and extras, I hope you check out to gather even more information.

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