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Video:Learn About Free Body Culture in Germany

with Jonathon Stewart

There are many places in Germany that accommodate a naturist lifestyle. Learn about where to visit, and what to expect when exploring "free body culture."See Transcript

Transcript:Learn About Free Body Culture in Germany

Germany is one of many European countries that encourages free body culture.

What's the Free Body Culture in Germany

The concept of free body culture is centered on the nudist, or naturist, lifestyle. There are a number of things to know about where nudism is acceptable as well as the rules and etiquette that are common in Germany.

More on Free Body Culture in Germany

Before you leave all your clothes at home, you’ll first need to know where you can strip down and where you might want to stay partially or fully clothed. Signs are posted where nudity is accepted. Just look for those signs with three letters that say "FKK." Translated from the German word, Freikoerperkultur, this stands for "free body culture."

Where Is Free Body Culture in Germany?

These signs are posted most often at nude beaches, most of which are co-ed and even include the whole family—from the little ones to grandparents. These are places to simply relax, have fun, sunbathe, and play games. As a family environment, the nude beaches are meant to be non-sexual and non-erotic. Sexual activity is banned on these beaches, and instead focus on relaxation and the development of a good body image. Other places that do offer a free body culture lifestyle include some lakes, nudist campgrounds, and public parks. Saunas are another environment that are commonly sans clothing. However, you will probably still want to bring a towel to sit on and wipe off sweat. Again, you will need to look for signs that inform as to acceptable attire.

Facts About Free Body Culture in Germany

Some famous parks in Germany where you can practice the free body culture lifestyle are Englische Garten in Munich on the Schoenfeldwiese lawn area. Also, in Berlin, there are sections of the largest park, Tiergarten, where nude sunbathing is allowed. Wherever you visit, it is important to know what is considered proper etiquette, especially if this is your first experience with free body culture.

First, it is important to respect other people and to be considerate. That means not staring at them or taking anyone’s picture without permission. Beware of where the FKK area ends and the need to get your clothes back on begins. Nudity outside of the designated areas is not allowed. Whether this is your first time taking in a naturalist experience or your first visit to one in Germany, always abide by the rules and soak up the relaxation and enjoyment of being at one with nature. I might also suggest picking a time of year when it’s warm.

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