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Video:Walking Tour of Old Montreal

with Michael Banks

Take a walking tour of Old Montreal and learn about it's significant places of interest. See Montreal's historic buildings, modern luxuries and the views of from the St. Lawrence waterfront.See Transcript

Transcript:Walking Tour of Old Montreal

Hi, my name is Michael Banks for Auberge Restaurant Bonaparte in Old Montreal for About.com and I'm going to take you on a walking tour of Old Montreal.

Artistic Sculptures are Located Throughout Montreal

Our first stop is the famous Joute fountain from Riopelle. It's a modernist sculpture of people and animals, you actually have mist around the water basin. To finish off, there is a grand finale of a ring of fire and then the fountain from the top comes back out to douse the ring of fire.

We just walked five minutes up the hill to the World Trade Centre, where standing next to me is a  piece of the old Berlin wall that separated East and West Berlin. You're also going to see the French sculpture fountain by Dieudonné Guibal. Don't forget to make a special wish here, like I'm going to do.

Historical Landmarks Preserve Montreal's Past

Here we are at Montreal's Hotel De Vil, City Hall, we've actually walked about eight minutes, built in 1872. In 1967, the president of France, Charles de Gaulle, went out on the balcony and said "Long live Quebec, Long live a free Quebec," which sent separatists Quebecers in a frenzy. The separatists movement in Quebec has always wanted to have Quebec be its own country within the rest of Canada.

We've decided to visit Notre-Dame de Bonsecours, the famous chapel. Go up to the tower. It's called the sailors church because when the sailors used to come down from the St. Lawrence River they would give thanks to Notre-Dame de Bonsecours and the angel for passing the rapids and not having problems as they were coming down. Rumor has it the statue of angel on top of the chapel with the wings outstretched actually turned to face the waterfront.

Visit Montreal's Modern Boutiques, Museums, and Spas

Right next door we have the famous Marche Bonsecours, which used to be a market place and now you have artisans who make clothes, furniture galleries and design boutiques. It's famous for its silver dome.

Place Jacques Cartier used to be an open air market where the farmers used to bring their goods for the residence of Old Montreal. Now it is an animated square, where we have street merchants, we have outdoor terraces.

Pointe a Calliere is the birthplace of Montreal with an archeological museum. You actually get to go down into the archeological digs and discover the foundations of Montreal. On the fifth floor you have a wonderful waterfront view from a boutique type restaurant where you can sit and absorb history.

Bota Bota is a 1951 ferry, it used to cross the St. Lawrence River daily and now has become a floating spa on the waterfront with beautiful views looking over Old Montreal.

The World Famous Notre Dame Basilica is Located in Montreal

Notre Dame Basilica. Celine Dion got married here and Pavarotti would give his old Christmas concerts here. James O'Donnell was a Protestant who decided to convert to Catholicism and built this wonderful shrine for all to see, whether you are a believers or not.

To finish off our walk, the different views of the rooftop of Hotel Place D'Armes. Living and working in Old Montreal is something special with cobblestone streets, the historical buildings. It's like a living in a village next to a big city. Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the website About.com.
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