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Video:Is Your Baby Gifted?

with Kathy Moore

Some babies show signs of exceptional abilities at a very early age. Find out which signs you should look for to know if your baby is gifted.See Transcript

Transcript:Is Your Baby Gifted?

Hi! I'm Kathy Moore for Every parent thinks their baby is special but would you know how to tell if your baby is really developmentally gifted? This program will explain how to identify gifted behavior in infants.

Gifted Babies and Verbal Skills

Some babies show signs of exceptional abilities at a very early age. For instance, there are recorded cases of babies talking in 3 or 4 word sentences as early as 4 months old. While a talking infant would make any parent take notice, here are some less obvious signs you can look for.

Gifted Babies and Attention

Parents of gifted children report that their babies often seemed unusually alert and are able to track and follow movement when they were as young as one or 2 months.

Gifted Babies and Movement

Babies who are able to roll over on their own before 3 months of age are showing signs of advanced infant development.

Gifted Babies and Sleep

Some gifted infants show less need for sleep without being crabby while others seem to be very active even in the early months.

Physical and Cognitive Skills

Sitting upright without assistance before 6 months and an interest in being read to by 6 months are signs of advanced physical and cognitive development. Standing steadily on their own or walking before 9 months are both indications that your baby is advanced.

Nurturing Gifted Talents

It is very unusual for children to be gifted in all areas. For instance some babies may have highly developed language abilities while not showing any signs of advanced physical coordination.

It is wonderful to provide your infant with a stimulating environment rich with opportunities to learn and grow but try to avoid pressuring your child and do not forget that babies sometimes just need to be babies.

Because we cannot measure infants brains with standard I.Q. tests it can be difficult to know exactly how advanced your baby may be. But in any case you know your baby is special because you love them. Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the Web at
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